White Washed Floors

The white washed floors in the 2012 Princess Margaret Showhome appears to be a favourite feature for a handful of bloggers who attended blogger event with me a few weeks back. Have you checked out the official event recap by Seema from House & Home yesterday? Pop over and check out the video at the very end of the post.

I think white washed floors are a great way to make a space feel light and airy, calming even, but I favour it more in a vacation home or cottage over a primary home. Here’s a collection of spaces with white washed floors that are beautiful none the less…

white washed floors Alvehrm Makleri Interiors 1

white washed floors Alvehrm Makleri Interiors

white washed floors elle decor

white washed floors kvanum

white washed floors collage houzz

white washed floors Princess Margaret Showhome 2012

Without a doubt there’s something intriguing about the look of white washed floors, however the thought of the care needed for keeping it scuff mark free still has me turning away.

What are your thoughts?

Sources; Alvehrm Makleri Interiors, Elle Decor, Kvanum, Houzz and the 2012 Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome


I love white-washed floors. I find they don't show dust as much as dark floors do, and haven't had an issue with scuff marks on my floors at home before. (Most my furniture that has to move frequently have caps underneath them to glide better.) Such pretty inspiration shots.
The look is very crisp and pristine, but I find that the rooms feel cold. In our Canadian climate, my first instinct would be to throw down a big area rug to warm things up.
MsCandy said…
pretty a perfect beachy look. I would try it
Keira said…
I love them! Like in Scandinavia, I think our Canadian climate is perfect for them. They bring so much light into a space.
Anonymous said…
really pretty
How2home said…
Love white washboard floors!! I'm definitely considering white floors for our future home. It makes the room so light and bright. Love it!
Abi said…
I just love the white floors!! They're perfection... and I can only imagine if they're painted over real wood floors, every scratch would only make them more amazing!

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