Kitchens Without Upper Cabinets

Kitchens without upper cabinets. Could you do it? While I think it makes the space feel much more open and less kitchen like, I’m not quiet sure I could forego the storage space. But then again, if I was building new, or considering a big renovation, and could include ample storage elsewhere, perhaps I would consider it. No upper cabinets equals more room for windows, floating shelves or artwork! Perhaps.

kitchen with no uppers houzz

kitchen with no uppers house beautiful_thumb[6]

kitchen with no uppers willow decor_thumb[2]

kitchen with no uppers cwb architects_thumb[2]

kitchen with no uppers via style at home_thumb[12]

kitchen with no uppers melbourne home_thumb[7]

kitchen with no uppers house & home_thumb[3]

kicthens with no uppers Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Showhome

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I would only forgo upper cabinets if I had an abundance of amazing windows! I like the idea of adding a little open shelving to the mix, too!
Lisa Mackay said…
I absolutely love the look of them, but have so much crammed into my cupboards, I really don't know where it would go! But in a nice big kitchen, it would be very tempting. Great photos.
Anami said…
Stunning pictures, love all of them. I was just wondering how it would work in flats, as they usually don't have that much space.
How2home said…
These inspiration photos are amazing! 3, 5, and 8 are my faves! Really like the vertical stripes rug in photo 8, where can i find something like that?
Ambs said…
Wow it does really open the space up. Beautiful photos! I think I still like the vintage look of open cabinets, however!
I really like the extra windows that are in the kitchen instead of the cabinets, but I wouldn't know where to store anything. Plus I think I might find it odd to reach down for glasses versus up in a cabinet. Upper cabinets would be a must be me I'd have to say.

Southern Hospitality
Unknown said…
Yup, I definitely could do it, and will in my next house. I love the open clean feeling!

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