Wheatgrass Wednesday

If you follow me on instagram you’ve likely noticed my snapshot of ‘wheatgrass’.

I started a pilates class a few weeks ago, and before heading to class I pick up a one once shot of wheatgrass juice from Booster Juice. Half price on Wednesdays, so it’s a good thing.

wheatgrass wednesday

“wheatgrass juice is literally condensed sunlight energy.”


Wheatgrass is said to be one of the most potent green foods in the world, where 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2½ pounds of the choicest vegetable.

Wondering what it tastes like? Well, it tastes like grass. Not great, but lucky for me, the lovely lady at the Booster Juice gives me a little more of my energy shake to wash it down with afterwards.

You can find out all about the benefits of wheatgrass by visiting the Livestrong website here. The Livestrong site has a vast amount of helpful information; wheatgrass for allergies to wheatgrass while pregnant and fresh vs. powder.


How2home said…
I've never tried wheat grass juice before....does it taste good?

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