Pattern Play Floors

For a long time now, I’ve been admiring flooring that have a little pattern play. While I think it’s a fabulous way to add drama to a space, I’m hesitant – mainly, for fear that in time it would become tiresome. Nevertheless, these patterned flooring tease my conservative side.

flooring thom filicia

lwcinteriors flooring

flooring ty larkins interiors

flooring house & home

flooring miles redd

veranda flooring

I could be swayed with a subtle pattern like this though -

flooring house & home PMShowhome

traditional home flooring

That said, the thought of bold pattern flooring for a bathroom really gets me excited.

Joralemon Street House

flooring tiffany eastman interiors 

Could you do patterned floors somewhere in your own home? Do tell.

Photo Sources; Thom Felicia, Honey Collins Interior Design, Ty Larkins Interiors, Canada House & Home, Miles Redd, Veranda, Canadian House & Home, Traditional Home, CWB Architects and Tiffany Eastman Interiors


Unknown said…
Such a great variety of fabulous floors! I truly enjoyed the pictures and the information linked to them!
Ambs said…
I love the patterned floors but I honestly couldn't take my eyes off of that light fixture in the first photo! So glam! I think herringbone floors are my favorite, I am realizing I like solid colors best, but I think hardwoods will always be my true favorite.
I love patterned floors and this is a fantastic round-up, Wendy.

My fav? The tiled bathroom floor. That entire space is unfathomable gorgeous. (:
How2home said…
all of these flooring has their own style/characteristics. But im really leaning towards the penny tiles, theres jut something about them that is so eye catching and easy to handle. We have a post about some floor trends, perhaps you'll have a better idea as to what you want! (, hope this will help ya.
Unknown said…
I love patterned floors- so old world! I'm with you though, I like the subtle wood versions and a more profound pattern like a honeycomb in the bathroom.
Love patterned floors. I think the detailing looks superb and really elevates the look of a room. Fantastic inspiration pics!
LOVE these floors! Love these designers. Thanks for kind comments on my blog and for following me! I'm following you back! Can't wait to read more of your posts!
I defiantly think that floors go unnoticed all of the time! Your inspiration photos are great!
Tim said…
hello floors! I love the ones you picked for your posts here Wendy! the Bathroom floor is to die for ... and so is the chevron pattern on the foyer. Now I wonder how that was done! block stain you think?
petriciathomas said…
So you almost have remodel the bathroom, and its looking nice and guest bathroom also. Thanks for letting us know about this.
Thanks for these tips. I will definitely follow these ideas.
Heather said…
Ooo, cool. I wonder if I'd ever be brave enough to put a floor like this in my house!

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