Our Backyard Retreat :: Inspiration

It’s been all pool talk around our house lately. Our pool or not to pool conversations have come along way since 2010. I’m happy to share that it’s official, and pool it is.

We’ve spent countless hours talking about size, steps, liners and landscaping. Here’s a look at our initial sketch…

hicken pool sketch

… since drafting this version, we’ve added more trees but never the less, this is where we started.

It was meetings with a handful of pool companies; Poolside, Pools for Homes, Jameson Pool & Spa, Pioneer Pools and Gib-San Pools and landscaping companies; Heart’s Content Gardens and Wade’s Landscaping Creations that really helped us refine our vision. The folks at the highlighted companies have been spectacular; we are well versed in pool and landscaping options now. We are doing all our homework now for a spring dig date.

As in any design project, it all starts with inspiration and needless to say, lately I’ve been dreaming, and pinning, about what I want our backyard retreat to feel like. As in most design projects, starting with the big pictures always helps guide decisions and helps keep you focused. Clean lines, natural stones with tailored low maintenance greens and sun shades bring both B and I a sense of calm. Here’s a peek at the backyard feel we are favouring {with more grass}…

backyard retreat inspiration mark hartley

Here’s a peek at some pool inspiration I’ve been pinning…

backyard pool inspiration artistic gardens 1

backyard pool inspiration mark hartley 1

backyard pool inspiration mark hartley 2

backyard pool inspiration mark hartley 3

… see more inspiration via my outdoor living pin-board.

Photo Sources; Artistic Gardens & Mark Hartley


Tim said…
lots of beautiful inspirational shots. can't wait to see your backyard makeover comes to life Wendy!
Unknown said…
Wow-ee! I'm excited for you to host a design blogger meet up! ;)
How2home said…
Wow! These are such beautiful inspirations! I know the vp of this pool & landscape creations (www.gibsanpools.com/) they are such nice people and their designs are phenomenal. I've been to one of the pools they've designed and its AMAZING. You should check em' out!
Ambs said…
Exciting! Since moving from Texas to Oregon, backyard swimming pools are one of the things I miss most. I love all of these photos but especially that last pic - the giant wall of foliage behind the pool reminds me of my great aunt's house growing up. So inviting!
evalewis said…
I like this house's interior design a lot. You are to be recommended on all the attempt you've made so far. Keep in mind the objective of promoting your house is to get your house available. I know this appears to be amazingly apparent. Yet it's obvious from the situation of many houses available on the industry that not all suppliers comprehend this primary idea.
Richard Hackney said…
Really good post, very informative and interesting , so jealous of the pool, not many houses with pools here in the UK..please keep the good information coming I link them on my site for inspiration for my customers.
I would love to help make this happen! Lindsay, Hearts Content Gardens. Thank you for the blog. I love it.

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