Drape-less Windows

I’m a believer that adding drapery to windows really adds yet another dimension to a rooms overall look and feel, but recently, I’ve taken note of the naked window.

foley & cox


house & home



miss design

william helfner 2

william hefner


I think these are great examples where the windows were meant to remain uncovered and their exposure becomes a part of the interior design. What do you think?

Photo Sources; Foley & Cox Design, Pretty World Tumblr, Donna Jones Design via House & Home, Pamplemousse Design, Architectural Digest, miss design, william hefner and frenchbydesign


April said…
I love the idea of drapeless windows but in today's communities, where houses are built basically on top of one another, you really sacrifice privacy for aesthetics. If I lived somewhere on acreage where we wouldn't be visible to every passing Tom, Dick or Harry, then definitely. Except in the bedroom. Can't live without blackout curtains in the bedroom.
Lindsey said…
I like it (but agree with April's comment above). I think the key is to use enough fabric and/or textures in the rest of the room that draperies seem necessary.
Dennis Dodds said…
I'm a firm believer in the desire to un-decorate as much as to decorate. Editing increases the impact of the design that remains. Editing out the curtains emphasises the structure, rhythm and pattern of the glazing module. It can be very effective, especially where other textures and fabrics are available to soften the room and where privacy can be gained in other ways.
homestilo said…
I think this is perfect when you have that view beyond the window that would just be a shame to cover up.
michele said…
i love naked windows!

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have a beautiful day!

Mary Bowden said…
All of these photos show beautiful windows, while a lot of homes have small, stock windows that need a bit of adornment, often to correct proportion problems. And I can't believe that there aren't shades of some sort hidden away in the 2nd photo!
All of your examples are spot on! I agree.. a well dressed window is typically my first option, but these really look amazing!
I guess there are a lot of factors to take in privacy being the biggest, but sometimes it's just a pure shame to add a dimension to something that just doesn't need it! And your pictures are the perfect example of lees is more!
How2home said…
Love every single picture that you round up. I think having no drapes is such a great idea, b/c it allow a LOT of sunlight, natural light is always the best. BUT that also means no privacy...which is kind of weird ....unless you live in an area where there is no one around.
Tim said…
beautiful window inspirations. I am saving this post and will definitely be showing to Ken (the window guy) when I have a house and ready to go drape less!

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