Bar Carts {Love them!}

I’m not big drinker, but for some reason I’m developing a small obsession for bar carts. Perhaps it’s the time of year, don’t know, but either way I’m coveting well-dressed bar carts. Seems so adult – like to have one, no? Whatever the case, nothing says party - ready than a fully loaded bar cart.

I want one.

bar carts the glitter guide 2

bar carts house of turqouise 2

bar carts atlanta homes magazine

bar carts rue magazine

bar cart collage

bar carts the glitter guide

bar carts coco kelley

This last photo is my favourite. I prefer bar carts without the BIG wheel. For more bar cart inspiration, visit my board on pinterest.

Photo Credits; the glitter guide, house of turquoise, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Rue Magazine, Armonia Decor, Lonny Magazine, cocco kelley


I too love the carts...they are wonderful...thanks for the great shots..phyllis
Anonymous said…
My mom has a Bar Cart from the 80's that I have been eyeing for so long. Glad to see they are back! Love them!
Alia parker said…
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