Holiday Decorating {Our Home}

With only one day left until Christmas, I finally had an chance to take a few photos around our home. Thank goodness for help from my stylist friends. Together, we created a Holiday theme of silver, gold and red that is both cheerful and collected. We shopped the house for vintage items,  and with a touch of old/new and fresh winter greenery, I’m pleased with our Holiday decor for 2011.



I mentioned before that the Christmas Tree in our living room is an artificial Balsam Fir, courtesy of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co.. I love it sans ornaments. Pretty, no?

living room

Living Room Collage

Our family room has a more fun and cheerful vibe since that’s where we spend most of our time. We do a real Balsam Fir Christmas Tree every year, but this year we opted for a Fraser Fir from a near by farm. Both boys helped dress the Christmas Tree this year… it was fun!

Christmas Tree

family room full



Family Room Collage

One night, the boys and I were looking for favourite ornaments, Blair snapped this photo of us. A favourite of mine now of course.


There’s also festive touches in the dining room and each of the bedrooms, but you’ve seen the gist of it here. Have you finished decorating for the Holidays? Or should I say, are you ready for the Holidays? Thankfully, we are. With the exception of picking up our fresh turkey tomorrow, we have a pretty relaxing Christmas eve planned. Christmas day we’re hosting family, and this year we’re about 20 people. I’m looking forward to good times in the coming days with family and friends… how about you? Happy one day left -


Kathysue said…
Merry Merry Christmas, Your home looks like a fun and cheerful Christmas house, You did a wonderful job with your decorating, Merry Christmas,
Your home looks beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!
Staci Edwards said…
Your home looks great, and that photo is perfect! Happy Christmas to you and your boys {B included of course} - See you soon! xo
K&B by the Sea said…
Wendy, your home AND your Christmas decorations are so beautiful! Love the picture of you with your two boys in front of the tree, and the shot of the white ceramic deer with the tree behind it is fantastic.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Wendy :-)
Mike said…
I love the picture of you standing with your children in front of the Christmas tree.

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