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I have beach style on my mind. Our trip to Florida last week has me searching for beach inspired spaces. My parents have recently purchased a house in Florida, so this trip was really about outfitting the house with some essentials. While our shopping adventures were mainly for the house, it was nice to get-away with my boys none the less. On a side note, I’m also on the hunt for a nice looking journal, I’m hoping we can capture ‘moments’ from our visits for the years to come.

In the coming months, my mom and I will be purchasing more home decor items. I’m hoping to create a soothing and calm palette for my parents, and to me sea-inspired hues are a foolproof choice here. The classic blue and white palette is lovely, but I’m drawn to neutrals like white and tan, with hints of green, blue and / or yellow.  Here’s the collection of images I’m liking to date… trying to be mindful that it’s my parents place after all. Enjoy!


H of T living room


house of turquoise

H of T

interiors digital

victoria hagan

elle decor

laura u room envy

H of T bedroom

Photo Credits; Jennifer Brouwer Design, House of Turquoise, Sarah Richardson Design, House of Turquoise, elle decor, victoria hagan, elle decor, laura u and House of Turquoise


Staci Edwards said…
Welcome back, and I can't wait to see all that you do! :)
Anyone know who makes that sectional? Third one from the bottom. Also, we are thinking of purchasing a west elm sectional but worried about the quality. Any thoughts?
Yup, I love all of these images and a beach aesthetic.
wall art ideas said…
One thing that amazes me with beach style home design is the calm appeal that they have which lets you breathe. The spaces are wide adorned with nice designs that makes it more beautiful. I love the photos that you have here and good luck on your project.
K&B by the Sea said…
Oooh, how fun to decorate a beach-style house! And even more fun to have a beach-style house in the family! Love all your inspiration pictures - they're all beachy without being themey, if you know what I mean :-)
Anonymous said…
Love the barstools in the 4th image and the mix of chairs around the dining table in the 5th image.

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