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Beautiful Bathrooms

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Today’s post comes to you from the lovely people over at Arcadian Lighting, and I think you’re going to like it… enjoy!

If there were one room in any home that deserves the most attention, it must be the bathroom. The bathroom should be your sanctuary, outfitted with a spacious tub to relax all your troubles away. What makes the perfect, most luxurious bathroom? It should have ample brightness through a combination of natural and bathroom lighting, soothing colors, comfortable, lush textiles, and most of all, it should be luxurious. In this round-up, you'll see all sorts of beautiful bathrooms, each luxurious and outfitted to care for creature comforts. So relax, take a look at these lovely spaces and get inspired.

Bathroom Design

Atlanta Homes Magazine via

In this classic, feminine bathroom, silver marble laid in a chevron pattern compliment the simple icy blue curtains and spacious stand-alone bathtub. The bathtub, placed adjacent to large bay windows, takes advantage of ample lighting, while a wrought-iron ceiling light provides additional light when needed.

Bathroom Design

House Beautiful via

It's hard to think of a more luxe material with which to outfit your bathroom in than marble. This beige marble is feminine and cool, while the arch –previously restored – provides structure and interest.

Bathroom Design

House Beautiful via

This bathroom perfectly combines everything a luxurious bathroom needs. A pretty pale turquoise tub to bathe in, soothing light gray walls and an antique chair outfitted in terry-cloth material look so lovely and soothing.

Bathroom Design

House to Home via

This bathroom is simple and so pretty with hot pink accents. And what better way to relax than this daily reminder?

Bathroom Design

Better Homes and Gardens via

This beige and white bathroom is airy and romantic. There's plenty of space here, which the designer took advantage of, using an antique folding chair to store extra towels and an accent table with vase full with fresh white flowers. That lighting fixture is sculptural and elegant. It may not provide much light, but it certainly adds a nice touch.

Bathroom Design

Marie Claire Maison via

This bathroom, inspired by 19th century ideals is so elegant. The glossy black parquet flooring and the gilded, large-scale mirrors add a jewel-like touch to the space. Are you imagining how good it would feel to relax in a long, hot bath in front of the roaring flames of this marble fireplace? Top off your luxurious bathrooms with glamorous lamps or candle-lit wall sconces. And don't forget about luxe hardware finished in gold, chrome or pearl -- they will certainly add a nice touch.

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Nice! It really looks elegant and It feels relaxing. Great Job! I hope I can see a lot more. Thanks for sharing.


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