Something About This Space

There’s just something about this space I’m drawn to, so I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you.dining room



living room

artwall 2


bedroom 2


It’s funny, while this space doesn’t really reflect my interior design style, there are so many elements I’m loving. The exposed brick, high ceilings and enormous skylight are among my favourite things. I’m also taken back with how big the space is but yet it seems to feel warm, comfortable and inviting. What do you think of this space?

Photo Credit: Refinery 29


Anonymous said…
Wow, what an unusual interior. I like the space too, though it's not my typical design style of choice. I find there's a lot of "stuff" in the apartment that could look messy and junky, and yet, it all seems to work well with the eclectic mix of goodies. Cool space :)

*Tania @
Unknown said…
Wow. I absolutely love it. The aged brick wall is fantastic with all of those colors. Thanks for sharing such a unique and beautiful space.
Anonymous said…
I love this space! It's sort of minimalist but also inviting and comfortable. Thanks for featuring it!
Staci Edwards said…
I'm with you - not my usual style, but I do love it! Great find Wendy!
Designwali said…
Totally not my style...but definitely a warm loving home. Love the wire rhino though!
K&B by the Sea said…
I like the same things you like about it, as well as the wood floors :-) The skylight really seems to flood the space with beautiful light. I'd move in, but might have to re-decorate a bit :-)

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