Venetian Mirrors {Love}

I’ve loved venetian mirrors for years now and I think they work in just about any space. I especially love when they’re used in a modern space for that touch of the expected. Here’s a collection of venetian mirrors and spaces I love, starting with my absolute favorite from interior designer Jamie Herzlinger. Enjoy!Jamie Herzlinger

everything fab blog



sarah richardson

massucco warner

traditional home

the rug company

Rue Magazine



See more of my mirrors {love} here.

Photo Credits; Jamie Herzlinger, Everything Fab blog, Elle D├ęcor, Sarah Richardson Design (x2), Massucco Warner Miller, Traditional Home, The Rug Company, Rue Magazine, Winsdor Smith via House Beautiful and Lonny.


Unknown said…
That closet is incredible! I got my gift card yesterday! Thanks again so much!
Staci Edwards said…
I would love to have the space for a vanity table with one of these beauties hung above - sigh.
Unknown said…
I couldn't agree more- absolutely LOVE Venetian mirrors and all of these examples are stunning.
K&B by the Sea said…
I'm totally with you on the Venetian mirror love :-) All of the rooms you posted are absolutely stunning, and the mirror really is the star in each one :-)
Jen said…
These mirrors are gorgeous!! Oh how I'd love to find the perfect one for my hallway!

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo
I love love love venetian mirrors as well. I love mirrored furniture too. I covet the rug company ad.
I especially love them when they are beveled and antiqued. You are right- they are extra fab in a modern setting!
I love venetian mirrors! I want one in my powder room!
Allison said…
Venetian mirrors are gorgeous. I love that huge one in the entry way of that house leaning against the wall. Those are all beautiful spaces!
You're right...these are lovely, especially in more modern spaces. Love!
Tara said…
I love Venetian mirrors. I just wish they weren't so expensive!
What a gorgeous collection of photos, a perfect illustration of the beauty of venetian mirrors. I'm a huge fan of Jamie too, and she's also the sweetest girl.

Have a great day!

xo Linda
Marianne said…
I love these too!
Gorgeous inspiration photos. Is there a rule of thumb what shape mirror goes in a particular space? Like round mirror for bigger wall, rectangular mirror in the hallway etc?
Wow these photos are really cool. The best thing about mirrors I like is that they totally reflect the surrounding environment and support any interior design theme. Just one mirror on a dull wall can completely transforms your space because the moment you put the mirror it acts as great filler.
venetian mirror said…
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