cobistyle by Cobi Ladner

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet Cobi Ladner, the former Editor of Canadian House & Home magazine. Cobi has recently launched her very own collection of furniture, drapery, fabric and home accessories called cobistyle. Two and a half years in the making, cobistyle is now available at inVU Drapery Co.

Cobi’s motivation for cobistyle came from her observation that neutrals have been trending in home interiors for far too long and she wanted to change that by bringing colour back. And, gorgeous colours they are… have a look!




Her collection of ready made drapery and coordinating cushions, exclusively made by inVu Drapery Co., are absolutely gorgeous. And here's the fun part - you can dress them up with a sash, in Fushia and Lime, just as you would a outfit. Fun idea, isn’t it? 




Some other take a ways…

  • She loves the idea of east meets west so her collection feels traveled.
  • A room should have 5 hits of the same colour to make it feel pulled together.
  • Faux flowers are an quick and easy way to bring a pop of colour so, go for it!

I hope I’ve peeked your interest, so head over to cobistyle and have a look around at the collection or better yet, pop into an inVu Drapery store and see it for yourself. For more Cobi, join the clubcobi to get Cobi’s monthly newsletter or check out her blog here.

And, if the meet and greet wasn’t delightful enough, here’s the complimentary gift we received. Colourful chopsticks!!! I can’t wait to use them, perhaps Friday night can be sushi night now.



Great post! I posted about this new collection the other day. Love the vibrant colours.
Unknown said…
How exciting! I was there the other day and loved all of the gorgeous colour- perfect for Spring!
What a fun line of fabrics! I really do need to make a trip to InVu soon. And those chopsticks are so cool!
I love the colors of those chopsticks! They are the basis for all my accents in my home!!
Staci Edwards said…
Was a fun visit, love her stuff!
Designwali said…
Wow...bright & it
I like to see she endorses faux flowers for a pop of color- I agree!

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