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Move over honeysuckle, I’m thinking red might be the ‘it’ color for the spring and summer season. I didn’t think anything of it until I was swept away by color with the latest issue of Style at Home magazine. From there, I started to think about all the beautiful spaces I’ve seen recently decorated with red. Has anyone else noticed red popping up lately? Here’s a round up of red inspiration for you… enjoy!S@H

Tommy Smythe’s new red sofa – isn’t it a gem?scan0176




above photos via Style at Home, April 2011

Remember the dining room featured in Sarah & Theo’s Sibling Revelry showcase at IDS11?IDS11


via Sarah Richardson Design

A photo of the familyroom featured in the new Sarah Richardson signature model home in Georgetown, Ontario. I haven’t had a chance to visit the model home yet but if you’re thirsty for more photos, check our Staci’s post here.

sarah-richardson-design-rec-room dan cooper


above 4 photos via house beautiful

stacy brandford

via Stacey Brandford Photography

interior-design-ideas-red-rooms-4 elle decor

Could you do red in your home?


shopgirl said…
Red always brightens up a room. I have a red chalkboard wall in my kitchen.

Have a sweet day!
Unknown said…
Red is not my favourite for decorating but I certainly appreciate it's pizzaz. That sofa of Tommy's is to DIE for good- love love. Gorgeous examples of this rich shade Wendy.
Unknown said…
As a rule I'm not a fan of red in general but those rooms are spectacular! Love them all.. especially the wallpaper in the office:)
Anonymous said…
I love red, but it is too hard following trends. Once again...neutral with pops of color. You just can't go wrong!

AliDecor8s said…
I love punches of red in certain rooms (like the ones that you just showed)! A beautifully well-decorated red room can be pretty yummy!

The only time I don't like red is when you see those inexpensive solid red draperies hung against a light wall & it is the only red item in the room (maybe a couple of pillows with red are thrown in there too) - I always see this on those staging shows and it drives me nuts - makes the room look cheap!
Staci Edwards said…
Great post Wendy!
I actually have red punches in my family room, and love the warmth and fun of it! {and thanks for the mention my sweet}
Carpet Goddess said…
I'm more of a blue person but these reds are great. I have to agree with Ali though - it's better when they're just used for the punch of color.
I'm so happy about this post because I have a few red accents in my living room and was thinking I need a change, but all these inspiration photos you shared makes me change my is the new pink!!
Unknown said…
I don't know what it is about red I don't like, but I'm just not a fan! Red pumps, yes. red sofa, no.
Kerry said…
So beautiful! I do love red when it's used the right way... which it most certainly is in ALL of the rooms above. Great inspiration Wendy! My subscription to Style @ Home has recently run out... so I'll have to be sure to renew it AND go and pick up the latest copy! :)
I'm a fan of punches of red when they're done right, like these gorgeous inspiration photos!
K&B by the Sea said…
Yep, I've done red in our home :-) It's the accent colour in our kitchen and the fireplace wall in our family room is BM Raspberry Truffle. I love the hits of red here and there :-)

I hadn't noticed a trend towards red in home decor, but I bet after reading your post, I will! :-)
Kellie Collis said…
Gorgeous reds! So bold and romantic! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx
I love red so much I painted my dining room ceiling red! It's bold and makes a statement and definitely gets people's attention :)
Wallpaper said…
I am not a big "red" lover, but I have to say that burgundy sofa is fab!!
Barbara Matson said…
This post is just up my alley as I LOVE red. I love decorating my home with more neutral colours {black and white} and use pops of red everywhere. It goes back to my love of the poppy red pencil crayon in the Laurentian box we took to school! That colour was the first one used up!
Love the one with all the mixed up chairs - really cool and with a shot of cobalt!
Stephanie said…
Wow, how funny, I just realized recently what a fan I am of red in my own home. I started counting the rooms with touches of red and I was amazed on how many times I use it. I had never realized it til then. I decided to embrace the fact I really like red and not to go with the trends of the latest colors, it is me, and I am good with that. I of course LOVE all these rooms.
Tara said…
I have loved red for a long time...I think it might have something to do with being an Aries...however I am now really done with red! I have an entire room painted red and I want to change it!! Really badly. I do think all those rooms are beautiful however:)
I like the vibrant red and blue, but maybe for a cottage or something by the beach. And I love that gallery wall with that blown up photo.

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