Sarah 101 {Jewel-Like Dining}

What I liked most about this case study was the transformation from bland to elegant with a flare of whimsy and old world. The added touches of wall panelling, chair rail, stained and painted floors really started to give this room personality without yet bringing in any furniture or accessories. While this room isn’t my style preference, it’s certainly full of wonderful touches and would be lovely for entertaining guests.

Sarah 101 Ep 5 Jewl Like Box

Sarah 101 HGTV Canada Table

Sarah 101 HGTV Canada

Sarah 101 Ep 5 the details

3 Take A Ways. If using wallpaper with a large design be sure to talk to your installer about the repetition beforehand, ensuring it looks balanced on each wall. Repeat design elements to create a cohesive look. Here, the painted key design on the floor was repeated in the mirror frame and the inside fabric on the dining chairs. Rectangle dining tables are the most versatile.

What did you think of this room reveal?

P.S. Interested in hearing from the homeowners on what it was like being on the show? If so, head over to Jennifer’s blog, Rambling Renovators for the inside scoop.


Diana Mieczan said…
That is such a beautiful wallpaper! Have a great day, kisses

Ps: I am hosting Paloma’s Nest GIVEAWAY today:).Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Kellie Collis said…
Loving the whimsical touches! And those chairs and that mirror look fantastic! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx
Unknown said…
There were things about it I loved and other details I wasn't as crazy about- all in all though, I thought it was very pretty.
K&B by the Sea said…
Sorry it's taken me a few days to make my way to your blog - still on an IDS high and had lots of writing to do!

The elements I like best in the dining room are the wallpaper and the two different fabrics on the chairs. I also really like the mirror, and love that they painted the ceiling.

I would have painted the wall below the chair rail a solid colour (probably the lighter grey). The two-tone wainscoting looks too busy to me.
Ohh I love when you share since we dont have this show in the US. I heart Sarah
I totally loved that wallpaper and had to go get a sample....I am dying to use it for someone! Really wish we had this show in the states so thanks for posting about it.

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