Sarah 101 | Coming January 2011

The flu has put me under the covers for a couple of days and I’m finally feeling as though the cloud is clearing from my head – thank goodness! Checking email today and to my delight I see Sarah’s back… that’s right friends, Sarah Richardson and her talented sidekick Tommy are back in January with a new show – Sarah 101. Think, design school “Sarah-style”… I can’t wait! 

It all starts Tuesday, January 4th on HGTV… I’ll be watching!

Sarah 101


K&B by the Sea said…
I'll be watching too!

Sorry that you've been hit by the flu, but good good to hear that you're feeling better.

{You're welcome for the award} :-)
Marianne said…
So excited to hear about Sarah's new show! Can't wait.
I'm so excited!! I wish I was in the Toronto area so I could have been on the show.

Glad to hear you're feeling better, rest up girlie.
Michaela said…
OH!! Yay! Thanks for letting us know. I adore her. Her style is fabulous and together, her and Tommy make such a great design team!
Tara said…
sorry about the flu...dreadful!
but happy about Sarah's new daughter will be happy too...she's her newest little fan.
keep well and enjoy your weekend...
Staci Edwards said…
Hope you are feeling better my dear.
And I am so excited about Sarah and Tommy being back in action! I never tire of watching their re-runs, but it will be nice to see something new! Perhaps we should have a little cappuccino and watch the first episode together? :)
Balancing Lisa said…
Glad you're starting to feel better! and I've never seen this show before! ;( I'll have to check it out in the new year!
Unknown said…
Oooh, exciting, thanks for the update! XX!
So excited! I was watching Design Inc and her kitchen reno, dying over every detail. So gorgeous
shopgirl said…
Oh, I used to love watching this show when I lived in Canada. Good memories. These two are so much fun to watch!

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