The Home Depot

You really never know who's reading your blog. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a member of public relations team that works with The Home Depot Canada to let me know of about a variety of home decor items The Home Depot is trending in their stores. I spent last night browsing The Home Depot website, here’s a peek at some of the things I found.

Martha Stewart Living Collection

The Martha Stewart lighting collection introduces lamps which work in a variety rooms and decor styles.

Glass Pillar Lamp Spun Metal Buffet Lamp

Lanart Rugs

The Lanart Rug collection includes machine made and hand made rugs in natural or synthetic fibers, produced in Canada and imported from around the world. Visit their website for more.


And, for that DIY candle project I keep meaning to tackle -
Chalk Board Paint
chalk board candle via delight

Next up, a trip to The Home Depot to touch, feel and perhaps buy something new. Stay tuned!


Staci Edwards said…
Fun Wendy!
Love the chalkboard image - such a cute idea!
Anonymous said…
Wow, so the Home Depot digs your blog? Awesome! I do too :) That chalkboard paint looks way too fun, I've had it on my list of things to buy for years now.

*Tania @
Balancing Lisa said…
How exciting! Can't wait to see what's to come!
Kerry said…
Loving that spun metal lamp... would look great in our front entrance when it's done! ;)

we were also looking that those rugs a while back and considering picking one up for the guest room, but with fears of doggies always laying on them, I think they'd get gross pretty fast around our home!
Yep, the metal lamp is my favorite!
Tara said…
i just want to pad around barefoot on that rug!
I like the first Martha lamp you showed and love her paint colours at Home Depot too!
I have that shag rug from Home Depot!! I love it.
Unknown said…
It's so great that Home Depot can help you out when you want to create a new look!
I love the chalkboard idea!! Thinking of trying something similar in my kitchen nook!

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