My Holiday Wish list {part 2}

Last week I shared one item on my holiday wish list via “The 12 days of Holidays” blog series hosted by Shannon at What’s Up Whimsy. Here’s a few other items on my wish list this year… funny, usually I don’t have a wish list.

1) Married to an Olympian drives my effort to celebrate and support Olympic athletes. I would love a pair of these Olympic Red Mittens… aren’t they fun? 2) I would also love a new purse, one that I can strut when I’m sans kids. I’m fancying this one from COACH but the price tag is something I would never pay for a purse, which leaves me thinking - I’ll just wait to until our trip to Florida in the spring and visit a COACH outlet as I did last spring.wishlist 2

3) Our existing Jamie Oliver T-Fal pots are showing their age so I’m hoping for a new Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel pot set. I also like the Gordon Ramsey set by Royal Dalton but the price tag is over the top. 4) This initial coffee mug seems like a fun way to enjoy my morning cup of coffee ~wish list

Finally, we all know that it’s better to give than to receive and this year we are giving to two charities. We are donating to Yellow Brick House.

Yellow Brick House

We always like to donate to local charities in an effort to help, some way, to those who are near. This shelter provides emergency shelter and outreach services to women and children of abusive relationships… so it just seems like a good thing to do. We have donated to them before.

We are also contributing to Staci’s, from Staci Edwards blog, “Fill A Stable For Christmas” Donation Drive.

fill a stable banner

Last month, Staci started an amazing donation drive through World Vision. Her goal is to raise $3,600 to purchase three stables of farm animals for a community in poverty, in Uganda.  What a great way to share the some holiday cheer… to donate, visit Staci’s blog here.

What’s on your wish list this year? Are you donating to any charities?


Fun wish list! My boyfriend and I have the initial mugs and they are really great! We didn't know how much we loved them until one broke and we felt the need to replace it right away. :) I really like your charities and appreciate you sharing those as well. -elyse
Your husband is an Olympian?? That is amazing! And you better treat yourself to a purse when you're in Florida!
Unknown said…
Your husbad is an Olympian for realz- amazing!!! I have those mits and want that purse, along with the green Kristen pleated satchel, which is on my list. We always do some charitable gifts as well and I love how my kids enjoy picking out what they would like to give...goats, school supplies, toys etc- great list all around!
Joey Ragona said…
Proud to see you are 'giving' this year. Believe me, the more you give you will not NEED a wish list because everything begins to come your way naturally. Laws of attraction.

My two cents -

Have a wonderful SHARING and GIVING holiday everyone!!!
Balancing Lisa said…
You husband is an olympian?! That's so cool!!! And I just picked up that purse for my mother-in-law (not from me, I shopped for my father-in-law!) It's actually sold out in a few stores!! Very popular style and color this year!!
Anonymous said…
To echo everyone else's comments...."Your husband is an Olympian?!" TOO COOL!

I like that mug too - I have a very special attachment to my morning tea mug. I actually brought it with me to Panama in my luggage and the handle's still functional but I'm worried that it will pop off at any given moment (hopefully not while I'm holding my tea!). I'd gladly take a letter "t" mug as a replacement.

*Tania @
i saw those mugs at anthropologie and ran the other way because i knew i would want at least one of each!
Leah said…
Wow you must be so proud of your hubby!

Love those mugs!

Say whut?! Your hubs is an Olympian? How cool is that! Haha, I guess I echo everyone else's comment too.

I have that initial mug on my desk at work, it holds all my pens and junk! I love it, it's HUGE.
K&B by the Sea said…
I bought four pairs of Olympic mitts to send down to my brother, sister-in-law, and their twin girls in Pittsburgh for Christmas :-) Gotta bring some Canadian pride to the US!

Donating to a charity is a good idea - I think I'm going to do that, thanks for the inspiration :-)

Beyond cool that your hubby is an Olympian!
Staci Edwards said…
Thanks so much for featuring my charity efforts Wendy!
I obviously overshot my goal of $3600 as I'm only at $880. My fingers are crossed that at least one farm will be purchased this year {only $320 to go!}
Also thanks for all the birthday love this week!

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