Christmas Decorating {Potted Trees}

I’ve never noticed so many potted Christmas trees as I have this year… have you you? Perhaps it’s a new trend in Christmas tree decorating, don’t know. Here’s a round up of potted Christmas Trees I’ve come across as I’ve been pulling together this Christmas Decorating series. Enjoy!


country livinig

H&H blog

Country Living Christmas-tree-oranges-HTOURS1205-de


country living 2




eva lindh

Photo Credits; Lonny, Country Living 2,4,5,6,7, H & H blog, Martha Stewart and Eva Lindh


Anonymous said…
Potted trees are adorable. I think I will be using a potted tree this year myself..moreso out of necessity, but I look forward to it either way :)

*Tania @
Unknown said…
You always have so many great inspiration shots in your posts Wendy! Love the idea and look of a potted tree. Very pretty.
Unknown said…
I am a big fan of the potted tree! What a great collection of images!
Stephanie said…
I love the look of potted trees. All of these are just stunning. It makes it so that if you don't have the space for that full blown huge tree, you can still have the effect by placing it in a pot in a spot that fits your house. Brilliant. I just might have to try this.
Staci Edwards said…
I've noticed a lot of potted trees this year too - love the look!
Great round up Wendy, and happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
This is such a fabulous look - sure beats the traditional (and awkward) tree stand! Thanks for sharing =)
vosgesparis said…
great ciollection ;) I like the one with the little red boots... I just like funny details like that.
On my blog in the side bar there is a link to a page I made with many alternative trees.. you might want to have a look at it ;)
All the best and a great Sunday, desiree
I love all those little trees- so sweet!
shopgirl said…
Gosh! These are all so beautiful. I love the variety!

Thanks for sharing and I like your blog!

Rambles with Reese
plaster said…
I just love reading blogs like this one. And thank you very much for sharing these post with us. Besides the fact that this blog is brilliant and the tips are awesome, I have to say that this text is so positive, helpful, full of joy.
drywall said…
I love the idea and the look! Goes to show how details matter.
Nice job!
James said…
This is funny, our tree surgeons have seen this quite a lot recently and then we came across this blog post.
John said…
This is interesting! Thanks for sharing your observations on the rise of potted Christmas trees. It seems like a unique trend in Christmas tree decorating that I haven't noticed before. Looking forward to your Christmas Decorating series! Tree Surgeon Ipswich
Ryan said…
It's interesting to see the growing trend of potted Christmas trees in your Christmas Decorating series. The concept adds a unique touch to holiday decor. Thanks for sharing this observation and roundup! TREE SURGEON WYMONDHAM

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