Luxury Farmhouse

I’ve heard of people having luxury cottages but luxury farmhouses??? Anyway, leave it to Sarah Richardson and her sidekick Tommy to be the first for a luxury farmhouse. B had a farm growing up and something tells me it doesn’t quiet compare to Sarah’s… although, my mother in law does have a knack for design and many of us are enjoying pieces from the farm in our homes today.

What a privilege it would be to have the ability to live out all your design loves – a little bit of glitzy glam, a little bit of cottage and finally, a little bit of country – in three different places!

While I haven’t caught each episode of the current Sarah’s house, as I usually do, she’s apparently, outdid herself again. Although one could only dream of the design budget she has, I’m so glad to see her using more colour, sourcing more vintage and being more thrifty this time around. I’m also so glad she hasn’t turned farmhouse country to ‘modern farmhouse’ which we’ve seen showcased in many magazines lately.

I've always wondered what the homes list for - furnished...hmmm. Looking forward to the rest of the show...


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