Love it or Hate it?

I really never thought that the classic deer head or antlers would ever take a modern turn but wouldn't you know it has. Do you love it or hate it?

Here's my absolute favourite use of the deer head... from Janell over at Isabella & Max Rooms. Which is also my inspiration picture for making my livingroom less formal and more for living.

here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure... photos courtesy of Canadian House & Home (H&H) and Decor Pad.

and a few pictures of antlers... photos courtesy of Style at Home and H&H.

how about in acrylic or glossy metal?

if you're looking for a really inexpensive version, how about these in cardboard from Cardboard Safari?

And, if you're wanting a refreshing break from all the deer, here's antelope antlers in polished aluminum.... photo H&H.

All in all, I'm not certain that the deer head is for me (as much as I love Janell's) but perhaps adding a pair of antlers to my basement wall unit would be a nice earthy touch.


Thanks for the mention! I love the deer head, I did think of removing it a couple times, but the sculptural quality is lost when I hang a mirror here. So it stays...
Beautiful blog! Janell

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