Lilac & Gray with a touch Green

We've been in our house for close to 5 years now and we never paid any attention to our guest bedroom. Perhaps it’s because there were so many other projects that took priority like; the kitchen, familyroom, basement, front yard landscape just to name a few. The room has been a storage room and a toy / playroom in lieu of having a finished basement. Well, I’m happy to share that the time has come – we’re taking on the guest bedroom!

Here’s a little background… the guest bedroom is a good size, sits over the garage, has a separate bathroom and walk in closet. Some friends ask why we haven’t given it to one of our boys well, the truth is, it’s too big compared to the other bedrooms and I think it’s unfair for one boy to get the BIG room. So with that in mind, we’re keeping it as a guest bedroom however, because of its size we’re intending to use as a casual sitting room – for lack of a better word. Sometimes after the boys have a bath (and it’s a little too early for bed) it’s nice to stay upstairs and play quietly or read together… keeping things upstairs keeps things calm and makes the transition to bed a breeze.

My colour inspiration for this room really comes from our old guest bathroom accessories which I would like to reuse because I still love the colour combination. However, after some fabric sourcing and magazine picture inspiration I’m adding in an accent colour of green.

(what a fluke the accent pillow was... popped into HomeSense one day, spotted it and bought it right away... came home and over the course of the day glanced at my magazine pictures again to realize it was the same one as in the picture! Style at Home | Nov 2009)

This project will take a little time to complete because I’m painting during Evan’s naptimes and depending on the night, B & I pick up after the kids go to bed. Long as it may be to finish… I’m happy we’ve got started.


Unknown said…
i hope to be able to stay one day...
Mya said…
where can i can that comforter set or quilt cover?

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