Interior Design Master Class, My Crazy Idea!

Back in September is the very first time I mentioned the words Interior Design Master Class out loud. I loosely sketched out the idea in a notebook and set out to make magic happen.

Fast forward to today, and we're only weeks away for Toronto's first - ever Interior Design Master Class. #IDMC14

My stomach is in knots.

Interior Design Master Class

Working almost exclusively with the home décor brands and interior designers, I often get asked, how do I get my work published in design magazines?? The answer to this question is largely personal, looking inwards and how you market your self - your brand before anything else. 

That said, our inaugural Interior Design Master Class | Marketing Your Purpose is dedicated to answering this very question.

Here’s the chance to get the skinny on how to get to published in top design magazines. With guest speaker Meredith of, Meredith Heron Design Inc., spilling it on how she’s hit news stands, websites & blogs 12 / 12 in 2013.

Interior Design Master Class with Meredith Heron

Exciting right? I'm beyond excited! Did I mention by stomach is in knots?

What's even more exciting... we have a great line up of sponsors, some clients and others who just believe this is going to be something special - and spectacular! Here's a few we've blogged about already - more to follow!! 

Gresham House Furniture Sponsors Interior Design Master Class 2014

JF Fabrics Sponsors Interior Design Master Class 2014
Switch Studio Sponsors Interior Design Master Class 2014

I would love to know if you're already joining... here's an event "attendee" badge if you're blogging about it.

If you’re an interior designer or decorator cheer leading for hustling big then this is one event you don’t want to miss!

Get your ticket today by visiting

See you there!!!


budfurn said…
Nice Blog , This is what I exactly Looking for , Keep sharing more blog .

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petershawn said…
Nice designs.Thanks
Emma Wilson said…
I think I just saw the house of my dreams! I simply adore how space,colors and texture are used in this property to create perfection.
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