Hello, Spring

A couple of weeks ago I was downtown Oakville and this burst of colour stopped me in my tracks. Is this not absolutely beautiful?

hello spring via www.desiretodecorate.com

Flowers By The Dozen. Their storefront window is always eye-catching with several glorious displays of seasonal florals. Sadly, their website, Facebook or Twitter channels don’t even begin to capture how beautiful their creations are… they need to hire me.

For the hundred times I’ve admired from the window, this time I went in. I introduced myself and asked if I could take some pictures. And pictures I took…

floral designs by flowers by the dozen via www.desiretodecorate.com


floral design by flowers by the doazen via www.desiretodecorate.com

Love them! Happy 1st day of Spring all!


Heather Inspired said…
Wow, I'm not sure if I like the colourful arrangement or the white one - both are so beautiful!
Wendy Hicken said…
And, this was just a handful, I could have snapped more!
disqus_cHHoYEIppO said…
Hi from Brazil!
I discovered your blog recently and I must say you have incredible good taste and great sense of style. I plan to read it on daily basis now. Congratulations!
Laurie Dickson said…
The colour is amazing, I agree... but I have a big weakness for those pussy willows! Beautiful pictures! ~ Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.
Wendy Hicken said…
Thanks for visiting Laurie!
Jenny@Simcoe Street said…
I'm your newest follower, just wanted to say hi!

Also a fellow Canadian blogger. Come by any time :)



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