Gold & Brass Animals {Love it!}

Has anyone else noticed the obsession with gold and brass animals recently? Tag it a spinoff from Harry Allen’s gold pig bank or not, I’m loving the gold and brass animalia we’re seeing these days. Of course, the real thing is always fabulous…

hippo high street market

brass elephant rue magazine

brass dog rue magazine

However, these DIY gold pieces are just as fun and whimsy…

brass elephant via caitlin wilson design

dinosaurs the glitter guide

elephant style me pretty

giraffe karas party ideas

giraffe sitting in a tree events

I have shared my little DIY dinosaur before here, but here he is again… with a sprinkle of gold for legs!DIY painted dinosaur gold dipped legs

What do you you of this craze? To see more DIY gold / brass animals feel free to pop over to my accessories pin board or DIY pin board.

Photo sources; High Street Market, Rue Magazine, Caitlin Wilson Design, The Glitter Guide, Style Me Pretty, Kara’s Party Ideas and Sitting in a Tree Events


Unknown said…
I have yet to make some of my own but I love this simple little diy trend!
Tim said…
Love them Wendy! I saw an elephant family in a junk store in NYC.. Thought of going in each day and of course the day i decided to on in to check them out, they were closed!

Good seeing you on Saturday.
I love the touch of whimsy they add to a room no matter whether they are gold or not! I have a big painted deer head over my fireplace and its always quite the topic!
How2home said…
These look really awesome! Any major decorating/designing projects for you this summer? We have some really great inspirations to decorate for summer ( Enjoy!
Vel Criste said…
I love your take on this trend! So unique! I may have to bring the spray can out! Love it! I have a few brass dears I bought at a yard sale recently, may have to bring 'em out after this inspirational post. Thanks! :-)

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