Ginger Jars

I have a love / hate relationship with ginger jars. While many are absolutely gorgeous, in a weird way they remind me of cremation jars. Have you ever had the same thought?

That said, I do love how a single enormous size ginger jar really makes a statement -

ginger jar

ginger jar lonny magazine

ginger jars grantkgibson

ginger jar marla schrank interior design

I also love them filled with fresh flowers…

ginger jar ada & darcy

ginger jar veranda house

What do you think of ginger jars? Feel free to pop over here for more ginger jars.

Photo sources; katie rosenfeld design, lonny magazine, grant k gibson interior design, marla schrank interior design, ada & darcy and verandah house


Kerry said…
I feel exactly the same with you. I think they are lovely, but they do remind me of cremation jars... I have always thought that haha. When you fill them with some fresh flowers though... they look a little more like a gorgeous vase! :)
Tim said…
I love them! Always look fresh and stylish in any home decor! I have a few of them at home as well! My must have accessory.

Thanks for sharing Wendy. Love the images you selected!
K&B by the Sea said…
I hadn't thought of ginger jars looking like cremation jars - thanks for putting that image in my head! ;-) Love the ginger jar filled with flowers in the last picture - it makes a pretty fantastic vase :-)

Happy belated birthday - hope you had a great day and best wishes for a great year :-)
How2home said…
I know what you mean but i think if they are used and put in the right place they wouldn't look as bad. The inspiration photos you have looks amazing with the ginger jars. Putting some gorgeous flowers in it will be so awesome :)
Lisa said…
I have always loved ginger jars, especially blue and white ones. I think it is the fact they are usually large and substantial; sometimes larger accessories are better than tiny little things all over the house.

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