Spring Fever

Is it just me or do you too get an itch to freshen up your look, makeup and home for spring? Having spent the last couple of weeks in the glorious sunshine and warmth of Florida, I’ve developed a need to add a touch of spring to everything. Not to mention - my crush on colour is now obsessive. Before leaving, I shared my love for coral but now, I’m coveting mint, green, yellow and blue. Crazy right? Here’s some colourful pretties I’ve been pinning lately.

spring fever desiretodecorateontumblr

spring fever cwb architects

spring fever at home arkansas


spring fever house of turqouise

spring fever decorpad

And, for a touch of fashion and other pretty things in colourful hues… snapshots from Desire to Decorate on tumblr… enjoy!

spring collage 2 d2d on tumblr

spring collage d2d on tumblr

This trip I added some new clothing, new jewellery and new make up to the mix. Sadly, I didn’t buy anything new for our home – which I am completely okay with. Feel free to pop over to my pin-board for more colour inspiration.

Are you crushing on any colours right now – do tell. Happy Spring!

Photo Sources; cwb architects, at home in Arkansas, house of turquoise & decor pad


Barbara Matson said…
Nothing like spring to get you inspired to decorate AND a relaxing holiday. I too went away on a trip recently and bought nothing for the home!
Just stumbled on your blog while image surfing for design inspiration. So happy I did! I love the fresh spring colors, and the pink and green living room is begging me to reinterpret it as an adult guest room!

Cre8ive Motives said…
Oh,I love spring! So many pretty flowers and colors to add to your home decor.Beautiful images!
Those colors are fabulous, and I love the fawn picture!!!
I love the living room in the second picture! I've suddenly been obsessed with peacock blue- and it's funny because I've never liked blue for my house, but I'm loving greenish/blue shades now.
I was just in Florida a couple weeks ago- it's where I'm from. Missing the beach now! Glad to have found you and thanks for checking out my guest post yesterday!
Stacy CUrran said…
I LOVE this post!!! The pink room is awesome!
Gorgeous photo inspiration! Is the third photo with the pink ottoman Tobi Fairley? Looks like it might have her touch...thanks for sharing these!
for some reason im also into mint this Spring...less for the home though, more for wardrobe! :)))

rebecca said…
so much color on the walls!
I'm totally into yellow right now, which is weird for me because it used to be the colour I liked the least...could it be I'm craving the sun?
Kellie Collis said…
These are fabulous! I love that wallpaper pattern. Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx
Kirsten Krason said…
beautiful color combos!
Gorgeous inspiration in all the pictures - each one different. Thank you for visiting my blog!
Love the light fixture in the 2nd image...elegant & fun at the same time!!!
Tara said…
Everything is so fresh and pretty. I want some - for my home or for me:)

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