My Wild Floral Headboard

Months ago my girlfriend Staci at {inspired by life} started a business called Switch Studio. She redesigns, refinishes and reupholsters furniture, giving each piece a little TLC and a brand new life.

switch studio

Fortunately, before she got super busy with customer projects, she was able to finish what I thought was going to be my 1st real DIY project. Yes, that’s dated back to April 2010, sigh. I had this headboard and fabric sitting in the closet of our guest bedroom waiting for some TLC. Thanks to Staci and her team, the headboard is all together and gorgeous now. The attention to detail is impeccable, there’s absolutely no way I could have produced the same result. The added piping and cushion was Staci’s suggestion and I love it.

guest room closeup

guest room close up

I love how the upholstered headboard makes the room feel happy. Staci and I refer to this headboard as ‘wild floral’ because my husband initially said this fabric was too wild and suggested I keep looking. I’m so happy I stuck with it because I love the result!  Pop over to Switch Studio to see more of their fabulous pieces.


Meagan said…
love love loveeeeeee!!! Now I need one!
Anonymous said…
Love it, great job once again, Staci! I Love Switch Studio :) Thanks for sharing your personal project, Wendy, I think it looks fab.

*Tania @
Wendy, the headboard looks fabulous!! Congrats on getting it finished, it always feels great to cross a project off the to-do list. Staci recently finished a small stool for me, and I can't wait to pick it up!!
PS - See u November 5th at inVU ;-)
Barbara Matson said…
I think it looks fabulous Wendy! I am jealous. It is so one-of-a-kind!
Unknown said…
I absolutely love it! Glad you kept the fabric and I bet he agrees now:)
Designwali said…
this looks terrific!
Staci Edwards said…
Thanks for the post Wendy, so very delighted you're enjoying it! :)
Looks great! I love the bright green.
Marianne said…
Wendy, it is gorgeous!!! Staci's work is amazing. So fresh and chic!
Elaine said…
Just gorgeous! I love the shape :) Did you have the frame already or did Staci also have it shaped and cut?
Fantastic! Good for you for holding your own with Hubs on the fabric choice!! Love the colour - looks to be a matte slate. It's perfect :-)

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