The Adirondack Chair {with a twist!}

I recently came across Scotia Blue Design, an east coast Canadian company that’s transforming a Canadian cottage classic - the Adirondack chair. Also known as the Muskoka chair, Barb & Jan of Scotia Blue Design have found a novel approach for these cottage classics, encouraging people to bring them inside… take a look!

scotia blue design

Each chair begins with a traditional Adirondack, crafted from local timber, and is covered in fabric. With their own unique fabricating process, the chair goes from plain cedar to…




Fun, right? I love Barb & Jan’s innovation - the same old Adirondack but with a twist of the unexpected. These are sure to be conversation starters – don’t you think?


Unknown said…
What a great idea. I would never have thought about fabric for these classics. I grew up on the East coast so know these chairs well, and I think bringing one of these versions inside would be great to change things up a bit!
K&B by the Sea said…
Love this twist on the Adirondack chair :-) I've seen them painted with great colours & designs, but never covered in fabric!
Anonymous said…
Now this is a great idea and nice designs as well. Having a muskoka chair inside has been the one debate that my husband & I have been having for months. He wants to keep it inside but I felt it was more for the outside patio. However, fixing it up with one of these designs could possibly open my eyes to the indoor idea. By any chance do you know how these designs are done on the chair? Is it a sticker or is it paint?

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