Beautiful Burlap

Gone are the days when burlap is used for only potato sack races. It seems burlap has made its way to home decor, and is now being admired as a detail element to interior spaces. Check out this collection of beautiful burlap in the home. Enjoy!

elle decor 3

houzz burlap

Burlap H & H

Burlap Houzz

Burlap Pinterest via theoldpaintedcottage

burlap AT


elle decor

Burlap H & H 2

Burlap Apartment Therapy

Interesting use of burlap, don’t you think? Would you use it in your home? Have a great weekend!

Pictures Sources; elle decor, Canadian House and Home, houzz, the old painted cottage via pinterest, apartment therapy, elle decor, Canadian House and Home and Apartment Therapy


Tara said…
I love texture of any kind but sometimes it can be a little overkill...I love the headboard and the upholstered chairs.
Anonymous said…
I am a fan of burlap too - it usually looks really great in any space. During my trip to Guatemala, I went on a coffee plantation tour and noticed lots of large burlap coffee sacks with bold black lettering for sale - one of my travel partners bought some and plans to make pillows for her apartment balcony. I'm sure they will look adorable! Thanks for the inspirational pics - I will share this link with her!

*Tania @
Unknown said…
I'm not sure I love it for pillows, but I do like the window treatments from it. Makes a nice casual statement. Nice post!
kevin calain said…
I generally want quality content and I found that in your post. The information you have shared about burlap fabric for sale is beneficial and significant for us. Keep sharing these kinds of articles here. Thank you.
aaronnssd said…
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