I Love Right Now

With the bustle of back to school launching us into a new year of learning and opportunity, I too have engaged into a new opportunity. I’m thrilled to share that I’m now with inVU Drapery Co., an upscale drapery, fabric & home decor retailer. See a few of our media mentions here, here and here. My love for translating goals into attainable actions is parallel to helping people envision the possibilities for decorating a room. I’m over the moon to have aligned my passion for all things pretty with what I do in Marketing.

i love right now

Working with inVU Drapery actually started back in the summer months however, it wasn’t until recently that it has become full time. We have a number of exciting things in the works and I’m excited to share them with you in the coming days, months, years, but for now, how about some inspiring workspaces? Enjoy!


lonny betsy burnham

lonny kelly wearstler

Atlanta Homes Magazine

suzanne kasler office

lerberpr blog

lonny nate berkus associates 2

lonny nate berkus associates

Photo Credits; Lonny, Atlanta Homes Magazine and Lonny.


Designwali said…
congrats! so excited for you. I'm hoping my luck will change and I can get out of this corporate rat race and do something creative like you!
Staci Edwards said…
Still so very, very happy for you and your new success Wendy! inVU is lucky to have you! xo

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