JUJU Hat {Love it!}

Is anyone else lusting over these absolutely gorgeous Juju hats? They seem to be popping up on design shows and in magazines more and more lately. Available in an array of stunning colors, I can certainly understand why people are loving them so much. Instant burst of color, instant happiness! I had the chance to see one up close at IDS11, you read about it here, the feathers are gorgeous and they’re beautifully woven onto a raffia base. What’s not to love about them? Love it!


house of turqouise

elements of style blog

flickr 2

table tonic (2)

design sponge

domino magazine via flickr

desire to inspire

table tonic

scoutdesignsnyc via table tonic

H & H

dabble magazine

Style at Home March 2011

elle decor via flickr

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Photo Credits; flickr, house of turquoise, elements of style, table tonic, design sponge, domino magazine via flickr, desire to inspire via houzz, Canadian house & home, dabble magazine, style at home, March 2011 and elle decor via flickr.

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Unknown said…
I think they are incredible! What a statement piece!
Staci Edwards said…
Gorgeous indeed! Love them!
Have a great weekend Wendy!
I especially love the white ones, they are so textural. Gorgeous images!
They really are gorgeous. I have never seen a cluster of them before like in one of your photos and it made me love them even more. Have a great weekend Wendy!
Love these! I wonder if there's a DIY tutorial out there somewhere ;)
Love it... That yellow one is my fave.
Anonymous said…
Love the rustic Orange and beige. It would go perfect in my Living Room.
K&B by the Sea said…
I had no idea these are called juju hats. This is the beauty of blogging - there's always something new to learn :-) They look really cool grouped together like in the living room with the white sofa.
Oh I had noticed them before but they slipped off my radar! thanks!
the row house nest
I LOVE them! Check out my post here! Love your blog! Miss Walker xoxo
Stephanie said…
I saw Candace Olson use this on one of her design shows. I am so going to use this somewhere! I love the texture of it, and the story behind it. So unusual, or maybe not so unusual now that it is popping up everywhere!
Love Ju ju Hats!
Great post!
Love the photos that you posted!
Have a great week!
Jamie Herzlinger
I love these! The texture is incredible.
fnkdva said…
More importantly....where can you get them in Toronto?
Anonymous said…
I've been trying to find out what these were called since I saw them used on a design show. I want one!! In White! Where can I find them?
stunning! i LOVE the pink ones on a white wall. so gorgeous!

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