Artificial Christmas Tree by Treetopia

My friends from Treetopia have reached out again this year. 

They sent an Alexander Fir artificial Christmas tree, 7.5 with clear lights, and it's absolutely beautiful.

I wasn't a believer in artificial Christmas trees however, Treetopia makes them life -like, easy to assemble, and with some adjusting of the branches they are ready to be dressed with Christmas decorations in mere minutes.

Artificial Christmas Tree by Treetopia

This one sits in our living room and I prefer to leave it without ornaments and it's equally beautiful. We've had up since mid November so to take photos, and my kids have been turning on the lights ever since. Yes, we're that crazy family that had tree lights before the Toronto Santa Claus parade. Oh well, that's prompted discussion with neighbours so it's all grande.

This Alexander Fir is a bit different that the Balsam Fir artificial Christmas tree. The foliage is different, almost soft and paper-like and not plastic. The branches fall easily, evenly and the shape is perfect. I should try for close up photo to illustrate what I'm referring to.  

Here's how it looks as they day changes to evening...

It's likely you already have your tree for this season however, if you're in need of a new tree for next year - pop over to Treetopia and get yours with them. They do not disappoint.

Happy Holidays!


Wow! I'm not sure I would have even known they were artificial trees! gorgeous! We've always gone with a real tree, but it's good to know where to go if we ever decided to get something permanent. Thanks!
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