Drapery Rod with a Return

Over the last several months I’ve noticed more and more drapery solutions that include drapery panels that wrap around the drapery rod. Noticeably more popular in the US than in Canada for some reason. I think this is a great idea for windows that are approachable from the sides, where you might want to conceal the window frame, or in a bedroom, where you might want to block out the light completely.

Here’s a collection of interiors where the drapery rod has a return to the wall… enjoy!

drapery houzz

drapery cococozy

drapery house of turquoise

drapery houzz 2

drapery decorpad

drapery bijouandboheme

drapery massucco warner miller

Have you ever noticed this before?

Photo Credits; houzz, cococozy, house of turquoise, Jeffers Design Group via decorapad bijou&boheme and massucco warren miller


Anonymous said…
Interesting trend, can't say I've noticed, thanks for pointing it out, Wendy. I like the look of a return in some cases, but not all - the first image looks a bit like a bathroom shower curtain to me, but the concealed rod with pleated curtains looks nicer.
*Tania @ Passport2Design.com
I really like this look. It feels much neater and tailored. And I LOVE that it blocks more of the light. Thanks for sharing!

I just used these in a client's living room and they worked out beautifully! Really makes that side view of the window look finished.

Lisa Mackay said…
What a great idea. I remember now that my [very stylish] grandmother used to have these in her living room - I wonder where they ended up!
Wow, gorgeous interiors! I've been draped obsessed since starting our nursery decorating! Definitely an important aspect of any room!
Anonymous said…
Where would we get them or order from? I have been looking for this time a long time ago

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