Zebrawood {Love it!}

Today I’m dreaming about Zebrawood. I’m drawn to the richness and character of the wood and feel as though it adds a sense of depth to drama to the space. A little on the masculine side, but gorgeous none the less.

Jamie Herzlinger’s recent feature in Lonny Magazine reminded me of how much I love this exotic wood. I’ve found some images I had saved and collected some new one’s for this round up… enjoy!

zebrawood lonny magazine JH

zebrawood Jamie Herzlinger

zebrawood traditional home

zebrawood james mcintyre

zebrawood House & Home

zebrawood david jimenez

zebrawood atmosphere interior design

The rich tones of zebrawood are swoon worthy, non? Could you do zebrawood somewhere in your home? Do tell.

Photo Credits; Lonny Magazine, Jamie Herzlinger, Traditional Home, James McIntyre, House & Home, David Jimenez and Atmosphere Interior Design


I could definitely do it in my home! I like the entertainment unit in the first picture. I think they have something like that at Ikea??
I love zebrawood. It's kind of masculine but soooo interesting to look at. Love it!
I agree with your opinion about the home decoration. I am sure that your great job is clearly identified here. I think It’s the Right time for everyone to try this kind of creativity and apply on their pressurized for attractive their own house.

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